The Dream Woman

The Dream Woman

The Dream Woman - Imagine, elevate, explore and embody. 

Ready to truly embody the God-Dream version of you...successful, sexy, feminine, surrendered to her true destiny and loved by a powerful man? 

  • Do you feel a little drained and burnt out from the hustle and bustle of the day?
  • Do you desire to know the power of your femininity and how to lead with it?
  • Do you want to learn Biblical principles of hypergamy and being a feminine, powerful, levelled up woman - a Queen?
  • Do you want to learn how to use the law of assumption, dream with God, to see your FULL destiny come to pass?
  • Do you desire to get insight from a feminine Queen?
  • Do you desire to receive love and adoration from a man of high calibre?
  • Do you have a low libido, feel like you're not allowed to experience pleasure?
  • Do you have a high sex drive and you've been made to feel like that isn't 'godly'?
  • Do you wonder if you can really 'have it all'?
  • Do you feel like you're not enough, even though you're accomplished and successful?
  • Do you desire to become more sexual, sensual, and attractive?

If you've answered YES to any of these questions then....I GET IT....because I used to be you....

I'm actually not that much different from you, and it wasn't that long ago that I was where you are now. 

I was striving, stressed out, in a marriage that I had chosen...misaligned, misdirected and unhappy. I thought I could force myself to be a 'good girl' and it ended up terribly wrong. I remember crying in the shower, begging God to make me a better wife. The problem was me....I needed to honour my true desires, I needed to listen to His voice and let my path be directed by God. I had all the answers that I needed....but I just needed to take the first step. 

My life elevated when my mindset did. 

You're not too old. 

You're not too young. 

Your 'body count' isn't too high. 

Your inexperience isn't a negative.

Whatvever you think is a barrier, could actually be the vehicle to your next level...once you shift into the God-consciousness and live from heaven to earth, honour your true desires and know that you are a'll truly see that you are and have always been 'The Dream Woman.'

You're invited to your next level of...

  • Queendom - embodying the essence of a Queen now
  • Femininity - being the most glorious woman that God created
  • Spirituality - dreaming with God, being a woman of strong faith and Biblical foundations
  • Sexuality - increasing your erotic captial, and becoming more attractive

Over the time of 3 months, 90 days, with will be able to form new habits....truly transform your beliefs and BE the Dream Woman!

Inside of The Dream Woman, you will...

  • Discover your true desires, honour them and celebrate your uniqueness
  • Know that you were 'born for such a time as this.'
  • Learn the tools to manifest your dream life, and speed up timelines. 
  • Embody and discover the true essence of a Queen and live that out boldly, everyday
  • Increase in attractiveness so that you will be the most desireable in any room - especially for your husband!
  • Overcome any mindset of self-worth issues that are holding you back from the success that you desire and were born for. 
  • Attract friendships on your level, that elevate you and see amazing results in your daily life. 
  • Begin to see your dreams unfold right before your eyes. 
  • Embody the Dream Woman - Queen, Sexy, Feminine, Powerful, Holy. 
  • Get answers to your questions about femininity, hypergamy, queenly living, manifestation and more.

1st Pay in Full Bonus (or those who purchase the Queen Package): 2 of my most popular seminars - How to be Feminine & Free Seminar and Manifest Suddenly Seminar.

2nd Pay in Full Bonus (or those who purchase the Queen Package): 7 Days of Private DM/Voice Note Coaching - priceless opportunity for my personal insight and prophetic coaching on any area. 

The Dream Woman includes....

12 Live Coaching, Q&A Calls - included in your registration today

Meetings will be every Monday at 10am PST  / 1pm EST / 6pm EST, beginning on Monday 10 January 2022. 

3 Months of a private and sacred community for you to learn, grow and embody The Dream Woman NOW!

3 Months of my group mentorship, coaching, prayers, prophetic insight, access to me, my personal practises, lessons, story-time, prayers and affirmations....guranteed to shift you into your next level. 

A community of like-minded women who get where you are...feminine women are supportive, collaborative and we celebrate each other!

There is an option to upgrade to the Queen Package which gives you all of the above plus ( 2 x 45mins Private calls, instagram/dating profile audit, and 14 days of DM/Voice notes access for laser coaching on anything)

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