Trophy WIFE Energy - the ultimate level up programme

Trophy Wife Energy

Woman. Intentional. Feminine. Exotic - be the woman of your own dreams and the one he's always aspired to be with. 

Hello Luxurious Woman!

Is this you?

  • You’re a woman who wants to be married to or is already married to a man of purpose and power.
  • You have seen some success in your life but you’re ready to really elevate into truly being a Queen.
  • You're interested in diving deeper into your desires and manifest ALL that God has for you.
  • You're ready to impove your appearance, enhance your personal atyle and enhnace your beauty (inside and out).
  • You’re busy, and you might even feel a little burned out and you're ready to slow down and experience the flowing and soft life.
  • You want to enhance your sexual energy, sexual performance and feminine energy. 
  • You love God, and know that Spirituality is a key to your next level but you need a little direction on how to do that. 
  • You have a little fear around not finding love, and you’re not sure where you could be going wrong.
  • You might even be a little 'rough around the edges' and this lack of femininity is having a negative effect on the man/men in your life. 

I believe that you were designed for a powerful destiny, and that you are the greatest dream that God had!

  • Are you ready to fully step into your calling as a Queen, the CEO of your household?
  • Are you ready to radiate with Divine Feminine glory?
  • Are you ready to eliminate all old ways of thinking, revise the old story and reinvent yourself?
  • Are you ready to break generational curses of lack, poverty and trauma?
  • Are you ready to exude WIFE Energy? (all woman, intentional, feminine and exotic)

“When a man finds a wife, he has found a treasure! For she is the gift of God to bring him joy and pleasure....."  Proverbs 18:22a TPT

Trophy WIFE Energy was created with you in mind.....

"I like trophies in every area of my life" - Grant Cardone

here's my definition of a 'trophy wife'

A woman that because of her beauty , personal achievements, social status is the kind of woman that a man of high calibre is proud to have on his arm. She has the ENERGY he needs in his life! He’s in awe of her and he’s so proud that he has won the ultimate prize - the woman he’s always aspired to be with.

She’s not always necessarily beautiful in the traditional sense but something about her is what feels to him as the completion of a dream or a goal.

She fulfills the needs of his self image….he finally has his dream woman!

Trophy Wife Energy

Woman. Intentional. Feminine. Exotic

The 90 Day Transformation to help you to be the woman of your own dreams and the woman he aspires to be with!

“Who could ever find a wife like this one — she is a woman of strength and mighty valor! She’s full of wealth and wisdom. The price paid for her was greater than many jewels. Her husband has entrusted his heart to her, for she brings him the rich spoils of victory. All throughout her life she brings him what is good and not evil.” Proverbs 31:10-12 TPT

Imagine the gift you could give to yourself when know who you are and what you carry….as the Queen of your life.

Who am I and why should you join....?

Inside of Trophy Wife Energy you will....

  • Become trophy wife material - confident, beautiful, healed, whole, feminine, smart and stunning = his best asset.
  • Transform your body image and self-concept to Queen status.
  • Co-create clear and concise strategy for your next upgrade - personal to you
  • Create Sisterhood and camaraderie; I’m still close with ladies I’ve met in programmes like this.
  • Break free from the shame of your past, remove limiting beliefs, blocks and anything that is holding you back.
  • Be provided with proven techniques so that you remain free.
  • Recognise attract and vet men of high calibre that are aligned with your views and destiny.
  • Increase your feminine energy, and attraction so that YOUR man will notice you - Kings only.
  • Learn how to use the power of seduction, sexuality and allure. Yes! We’ll be diving deep into sex and being sexy with your man, how to increase your sexual prowess. 
  • Learn the meaning of your mission, design and uniqueness as a woman. Learn how to be softer, more sensual and in touch with your femininity using Biblical principles.

More Testimonials...

"You are incredibly generous and gracious. You know your worth and in knowing your worth, you are not threatened by the scarcity that plagues many others and causes them to be cautious in giving. You are a wonderful giver and I have benefitted so much from your generosity in our sessions. You freely share your testimony, your wisdom, your perspectives and I never feel like I'm begging for crumbs. You are abundant and your abundance manifests in the way that you share"

"Everything you do, you do out of love! Your advice and encouragement come from a loving and kind place and even when I talk about my insecurities and things that I feel bad about, you create a kind and loving space for me to just be. Each coaching session I've had with you has been revelatory and affirming. You are incredibly valuable in the coaching space"

Yes Rachel, I want to join Trophy Wife Energy!

I understand that Trophy Wife Energy includes....

You will receive an in-depth Welcome Packet (within 24 hours of enrolling); this will include a questionnaire and instructions so that we make our time together as powerful as possible.

90 Days of coaching, teaching, impartation, prayer and leadership from me so that you'll have time to go deeper, get all of your questions answered and implement the material. 

2 x 45min Private Coaching Sessions to be used during the 90 Days so that you'll have a sacred one-to-one time with me to process and create a strategy for your next level. 

6 Teachings/Coaching Calls where you'll be able to ask questions and receive feedback.

All sessions will be recorded for you to access at anytime so that you can learn at your own pace, and watch/listen from anywhere. 

Group Telegram Channel for daily voice notes, interactions and any Divine downloads I receive.

Access to the entire RY Signature System - all of my courses, programmes and books (value over $5000)

Guest Experts from my network in a variety of areas.

Your exclusive opportunity for connection, laser coaching, uninterrupted focus on your next level.

Bonuses when you join by 26 June!

I love to reward Queens who take action quickly...

30 Days of Manifestation - you will receive 30 Days private access to me via voice notes and messages where I will pray and receive Divine downloads for whatever you share with me. ($1297 value)

We begin within 3 Days of your signup!!  

What are the steps to embodying Trophy Wife Energy?

  • Recognising your worth, value and identity as a woman. 
  • Working on your self-concept, confidence and self-esteem. 
  • Rediscovering your mission, season and calling as a woman.
  • Connecting to God, getting clarity on your desires and manifesting everything!
  • Evaluating your erotic capital - appearance, magnetism, sexual energy, and allure. 
  • Reclaiming your femininity, becoming softer, wiser and resourceful. 
  • Using your skills, talents and passions to create your own stream of income - stress free.
  • Claiming your birthright as a Queen and living as such
  • Realising your uniqueness, being exclusive....truly exotic


Honestly, you can’t put a price on what’s available for you after joining Trophy Wife Energy….

The pay in-full investment is $8888 payment plans are available 

This is NOT for for you if..

  • You make excuses
  • You don't take accountability
  • You're neither teachable nor coachable
  • You don't want to level up in every single area of your life 

Book a call if you have any questions or would like to see if this a good fit for you.

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