The House of Divine Femininity

My name is Rachel-Yvonne, I'm the Divine Femininity & Abundance Educator.

Empowering women to embrace their Divine Femininity and step into abundant marriages as Rich Wives!

I am Rachel-Yvonne, your Divine Femininity and Abundance Educator, here to empower you to embrace your Divine femininity and live abundantly with a man of high calibre.

I bring to you a unique blend of spiritual and practical guidance, drawn from a rich tapestry of life experiences—be it my journey as minister, an X-factor finalist, or a globe-trotter dedicated to teaching, preaching, and coaching.

As we approach the year’s end, it’s the perfect time to embark on a transformative journey!

I’m thrilled to open the doors to a meticulously curated suite of offerings tailored for you—the discerning woman yearning for a life of grace, abundance, and high-value love.

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Available Products

Divine Feminine VIP Days

Unlock your divine feminine power and manifest abundance effortlessly. Our VIP day together will set you on a clear, actionable roadmap towards a life of luxury, fulfillment, and self-empowerment

Held quarterly, these intimate sessions are designed to foster significant leaps in your personal and relational enrichment journey, all in a supportive, spiritual, luxurious, and transformative setting.

The Rich Wife Membership

live the life of your dreams, feminine, abundant, and Divine. Monthly membership. 

I love being a woman - ebook

the empowering guide that takes readers on a transformative journey of self-discovery, embracing divine femininity, and unlocking their inner power to live a purposeful and spiritually enriched life.

How To Speak To Your Man! Ebook

magnetise him with your feminine energy and inspire his masculinity

FREE The Five Pillars of a King Ebook

Discover 'The Five Pillars of a King: A Woman's Guide to Identifying Husband Material', an empowering guide for women navigating modern relationships.

This love and dating eBook unlocks the secrets of attracting the right partner, offering vital insights into the qualities that define a true protector, provider, spiritual leader, visionary, and generous partner.

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